Grand Guardian
Most probably the single most dangerous type, This member is well versed in all of the other guardian skills.
They know "How to get things done"  They are the one's that other members go to in order to "word a motion correctly"
Although they are well versed in all procedures, they have a unique ability to use their powers to elect "Railroad" an unsuspecting member into their service. A Grand guardian will most likely be hunting for "torpedoes" to do their bidding "Being the ultimate authority " the thought pattern is this.. If I surround myself with members who don't know  I will be the authority!
A Grand Guardian will show his / her true colors at the time of election. they fall often into the "Shotgun Approach" i.e... running for any & all positions at the same time.
Many RSC's have learned to send these members directly to the WSC, for it's their only hope to regain focus and sanity! The method is different than electing them RSR, they give them a Regional Nomination to a WSC position, even if it means continued funding of this position. A Grand Guardians favorite position is on "TOP". This Guard cannot withhold their input on any issue, however minor the issue. They can be recognized by their insatiable appetite for sharing (or debating) issues while mentioning their vast amount of clean time and experiance they often share more than one time until they have everyone else convinced to see things their way!
What To do If you are confronted with just such a member :

1st Don't panic ! These creatures seem to smell fear and react in a negative way to it.

2nd Compose your thoughts and ask this disarming question?


This question usually shakes them out of it, for a while. It is then that you rush this member to a Recovery meeting and ask them to Sit Down shut up & listen. Hooking them up with a newcomer also helps , but the newcomer has to be the sickest you can find!

All of the above suffer from Creative Avoidance
Creative avoidance is curable with, a total commitment to "ones own program" by placing focus on the "inside Job" like working the steps, with your sponsor and assessing honestly, will the program be OK without my skills knowledge & guidance?
The answer is, It was doing OK without me, before I showed up, and It will do just fine without me now.
But will I be all right without the Program?

Special thanks to   Mike & Terry

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