Sponsorship I

Already rung your sponsor five times this week - about the same thing?  Too embarrassed to admit you've screwed up again?

Now NA plastics Ltd have come up with the perfect product for you!!!

 The NA Inflatable Talking ! Sponsor Doll !!!

Just tell your Sponsor Doll all your problems then pull the string and hear the same things your sponsor would tell you anyway.

With useful phrases such as :- 

"Don't pick up"  "Go to meetings" and   "Work the steps", these NA Sponsor dolls are the perfect thing for the  modern recovering addict. 
The ever popular Ken and Barbie 
Sponsor Dolls are favourites with 
young and old. Here they are in 
their "Trekkie" outfits for all you
burned-out acid-heads who 
haven't made it back to earth yet. 
 Save time - Save embarrassment - save your sponsor for those important safe times when you've got something positive to share.
So buy your NA plastic, Inflatable, Talking Sponsor Doll today!!!
Comes in a variety of ages, races, sexual identities, creeds, religions or lack of religions.

Another fine product from NA Plastics Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the NA manufacturing Corporation.
 Authored by Brian
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